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Meticulously handcrafted professional quality guitar straps, banjo straps, mandolin straps and dobro straps.

The full grain, 10 oz. leather used to make my New Leather Straps is the finest oil tanned harness leather available. All straps are custom made to order. 

If you are looking for a beautiful one-of-a-kind strap, check out my Vintage Leather Guitar/Banjo Straps and my Vintage Leather Mandolin Straps made from select vintage leather. They’re the perfect strap to complement the fine aged beauty of a vintage instrument and they'd be a classy addition to a high quality new instrument as well.

Last Updated on 4/24/16. Gobble, gobble. I'll be hiding in the woods from 4/27 thru 5/4 and will be unable to respond to email or strap orders during that time. I had a bit of a rush on the Vintage Leather Straps and my current inventory is getting low. I'm working on additional Vintage Leather Straps and hope to update the website with more within the next two to three weeks. Thanks for your patience.

THE WEST END BLUEGRASS BAND is a highly unorganized collection of local riff-raff reeking of yet undetermined musical talent that USE AND ENDORSE SULLY'S STRAPS.



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A Note from a Satisfied Customer

Straps arrived today. That was quick. Wow they are really nice. Better than the pictures and descriptions on the website. It has been my experience that some products tend to elevate an entire endeavor such as high quality tools and measuring devices in woodworking. These straps should  make me more inspired as a musician. I may be in the market for a strap for a telecaster sooner rather than later.

Gainesville, GA

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